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J&J Technology Services offers conferencing solutions to support a variety of use cases. For more information on J&J collaboration tools click here.

Executive option: BT MeetMe / Audio conferencing only

  1. New users
    Request a new account >
    Only for hosting critical meetings.
  2. Returning users
    Manage your conferencing account with
    My Meeting Manager >

    (Must be logged on to the J&J network)
  3. Support
    User guide for MeetMe >

 - This service is billed centrally.
 - This service is only available for VP and above who require an audio-only conference service.

Event option: BT Managed Event Calls / Webex Premium Conferencing

  1. New users
    Request a new account >
    Only for scheduling and hosting BT Event Calls.
  2. Returning users
    Book and manage your Events in
    My Meeting Manager >
  3. Support
    User guide for Event Call >

 - This service is billed to your credit card.
 - Charges on your statement will appear from 'BT Conferencing Inc'. If you have any questions about those charges please contact our billing team at billing@btci.com.



Estimate the cost of your next Event Call without calling BT

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Global Access Numbers


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BT Help desk


For help during your Audio call key *0

For help during your Web meeting contact the helpdesk numbers below.

  • US Toll Free
    888 354 1472
  • US international
    +1 212 497 6240
  • UK Toll Free
    0800 917 0233
  • EMEA Toll Free
    +44 800 917 0233
  • EMEA international
    +44 207 2629554
  • APAC international (Australia)
    +61 (0)2 8066 2533
  • Australia Toll Free
    1 800 234 799
  • Singapore
    +65 6622 1558